Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Senior's Moments

Today has been a day of Senior's Moments.

Senior Moment #1: For almost a week now I have been searching the house and phoning local businesses to find the set of keys of mine for the house. Anne found them today, hanging on the hook where we keep the shed keys. Those keys were in a small cupborad where we keep Julian's spare car keys.

Senior's Moment #2: Since Anne was leaving for choir practice at 10 00 this morning we discussed putting the pork roast in the oven early enough that it would be fully cooked by lunchtime. The oven was put on at 9 30, and Anne left. At 11 oo I decided to check how the roast was doing. The oven was empty! I hastely put the roast in. We had left over chile for lunch.

Senior's Moment 3#: As I put on my second indoor running shoe, I noticed that the heel lift to help combat achilles tendonitus was missing. I could not figure where it had got to. Later, I found both heel lifts in my outdoor running shoes.

Other than these moments we had a good day. With Julian's help, I managed to remove the ceiling fan in the living room and replace it with an updated model, all without injuring myself or Julian or electrocuting anyone. And the fan and lights work!

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  1. LOL....once I put a teapot of water on to boil, then left to go food shopping. The water was all gone and the flame was out when I got back....I think I was lucky! (I was only in my 30's!)
    Too many more moments like that to mention....I call them "blonde" moments!