Monday, November 16, 2009

Large serving tray with pink highlights

At yesterday's tray-basket-making class, I demonstrated how to make trays by making the tray shown here. The base of this tray measures 15" by 11". For each class member I provided a choice of bases, some this large and others perhaps 12" by 12".
The tray bases were ready for weaving. Holes were drilled around the circumferences at 1" intervals, the trays were sanded to a fine finish and a coating of food-safe beeswax added.

Each participant was given a bundle of stakes to soak and then push through the up to 50 pre-drilled holes. Each then locked these stakes in position as shown on this photograph. On the top side of the tray the class members were taught how to do twining weave, stop and go weave for the flat cane, and how to put pony beads on for the handle ends. There was a choice of colours for the flat weavers and for the pony beads. For finishing, I showed the students how to make a rolled border

When I remember, I "sign" the bases as JTB and the year.


  1. The 12 x 12 would be nice to hold scrapbooking paper and supplies.

  2. Trays come in handy for breakfast supplies too!