Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Removing perennials and shrubs

Sometime next week, this section of my front garden, a section of the sidewalk and a section to the middle of the road will be excavated in a eight foot wide trench to fix the collapsed sanitary sewer lines. The City of Ottawa has contracted out this job and says it will start next week. A similar excavation was made a few houses away to repair a similarly collapsed sewer line. The proposed contractor says the tree in this photo will have to be removed. He will place it back at the end of the project but will not guarentee its survival.

The pock marked ground shows where I have dug up perennials and shrubs in preparation for the excavation. I have transplanted these to a section of my vegetable garden.

These are the transplanted shrubs and perennials. I will put them back into the refilled section in the spring.

The contractor will replace the top soil in the excavated area at the end of the work period. The sidewalk will be replaced and the road resurfaced. If this job follows a typical schedule, the final resurfacing of the road will be in the spring or summer.

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