Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Custom orders

In the last few days I received two custom orders. The first was from Anne, my wife, for a tray type of basket that had to be six inches high so the contents could not be seen when sitting. The photo here shows the finished basket. It has the Anne Seal of Approval. (The home pictured in the background was our home in Red Lake.)

The second custom order was mailed to the buyer earlier today.

I received a "convo" (Etsy speak for an email over the Etsy network) asking if the basket shown on my Etsy shop with red beads could be changed to have brown beads. As you can see the answer was yes. I soaked the basket for a few minutes, undid the weaving until I could remove the red beads, replaced them with the brown ones, rewove, and it was done.

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