Thursday, November 19, 2009

A very busy morning.

When I checked my emails first thing this morning, I saw I had made a sale and received payment to send one of my baskets to a buyer in Dallas, Texas. It was easy to find that basket since all my baskets are now displayed in my studio in the basement. I checked my mailing supplies and found I needed a size of box (18x12x12") that I did not have for that basket. Off to Staples.

On my return, I boxed the basket, addressed it and went to the Post Office. Back at home, Dennis the plumber dropped by with the promised video of the storm sewer line with its separations. He chatted and suggested he could install a liner in that sewer pipe and that that would eliminate the hassle of digging up the rest of my front garden. He will get back to us with a cost estimate.

Another email exchange resulted in the sale of a vintage Ship in a Bottle to a person in Winchester. We will deliver it to her at the Tim Hortons in Winchester on Saturday, giving Adrian a short trip, something he really enjoys.

Then Andrew from Anderson's, the engineering consultants arrived to do a final check on the back-water flow valves. And we had two phone calls from our insrance broker too. The first was to advise us that since the renovations by Lebrun cost more than $25 000 we needed to have an afidavit notorised and sent back to him. He then phoned back to say that since the renovation exceeded the $25 000 figure, there was a clause in our insurance policy that says the $500 deductable would be waived. A refund for that amount will be sent to us next week!

By this time the morning was almost over. Anne was ready to take our neighbour out for lunch while I was ready to go to meet my golfing buddies for lunch too.

When I returned after lunch, I found that the Lebrun manager of our renovations had visited and received a check from Anne for the work not covered by the insurance (e.g. new counters for the expanded cupboard space in the basement kitchen). The cupboard in the work room is promised for next week once more.

Then Andrea, Adrian's case-mamnager at Tamir called to give us an update on how Adrian is doing at his day program. Things are going well there.

And people wonder what one does all day when one is retired!


  1. It was a busy day. Great job with the sales as well as the deductable refund. Take some time to smell the roses!

  2. Made me smile, cause I thought retired people really sit by the beach and read a book all the day:) Love your blog!