Friday, December 4, 2009

Advocacy Award Wiiners.

On the evening of December 3rd, Anne and I attended the "Celebration of People" Awards Banquet as finalists for one of the thirteen awards presented that evening. This was the ninth annual awards ceremony. The awards: "Celebrate the achievements and contributions of individuals and organisations who promote accessibiity, inclusion and full community participation by citizens with disbilities" (in Ottawa).

Anne and I were finalists for the Advocacy Award in memory of Agnes Wee, sponsored by the Families Matter Co-operative Inc. (for and about people with developmental disabilities). As one of the founders of the Families Matter Co-op, Agnes Wee was inspired to make the world a better place for her son Robert and others with developmental disabilities. The Advocacy Award in Memory of Agnes Wee recognizes the efforts and contributions of a self-advocate, family member, group or organizations involved in advocacy on behalf of a person or persons with disabilities. In particular, this award is given for work done to raise awareness of disability issues and/or work which improves the lives of a person or persons with disabilities.

The two other fianalists for this award were Laurie Alphonse and Michel David.

Anne and I were honoured to receive the award. We were presented the award by our friend and current Board Member of Families Matter, Audrey Bufton. (Top photograph.) The other photo shows Anne and I with Audrey and Marge McCabe, Executive Director of Families Matter.

The write-up description on the awards booklet states:

John and Anne Toft built on their commitment to create opportunities for their son to become community advocates for all people with developmental disabilities. They helped found the Families Matter Co-operative Inc., and as Board members undertook advocacy, membership and fund-raising roles. The Toft's awareness-raising among federal politicians helped bring about the Registered Disability Support Program."

Anne and I thank the sponsors of this award, Families Matter. Without the full support of the Board and the members of this organisation, we could have done very little.


  1. Congratulations. You are both an inspiration to everyone to give of our time and talents.

  2. I saw the news last night & said to my husband, I know those people! I'm so proud of you both and proud to know you. This support program is one my family could have used to help support my grandmother who was left to take care of her handicapped sister. Sadly a single mother working fulltime cannot take care of a handicaped sister hence why she had to live in an institution.

  3. Well done elder brother (By 30 minutes) You deserve it for all your and Anne's hard work.