Sunday, December 20, 2009

A beautiful winter's day.

Today is the kind of winter's day that calls for getting outside and enjoying it. The sun is shining, there is hardly a breeze at all, and, at -9C (17 F) its nice and brisk.

The walk too and from church this morning was invigorating. When we left it was -14C, but a balmy -9C when we returned. Definately Long John, scarf, mitts and Parka weather, but weather that makes you glad to live in such a climate. With more of these temperatures and not much more snow, the Rideau Canal skateway will soon be open.

The willows in the photo above are the kind of willow I harvest either in the fall or the spring for my basket making. The long, narrow "Whips" are ideal for making the ribs of my rib baskets.

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