Sunday, December 6, 2009

A quiet day

Today has been a quiet day. Choir rehearsal started the day, followed by the morning service. Then followed 30 minutes of "Sound Technician Training" to refresh us (and others) as to how to set up the microphones etc for the sound system at the church. Then came the rehearsal for next Sunday's pageant.

After lunch, I photographed and posted four new baskets for my Etsy shop. So far December has seen no sales. With 33 sales in nine months there is still time for December sales, I hope.

It was then too late for me to find any live English Premier League soccer games on TV so I opted for curling.

After supper I searched the Etsy site and made purchases from English shops for the remaining brothers and sisters of mine we had not yet found gifts for. Christmas shopping is relatively (!) easy on Etsy.

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