Monday, January 25, 2010

A custom order for Linda

A friend from Church, Linda, asked me to make a tray-basket for her to enhance the ceramic handles she had. She came to my studio and decided a 12" by 12" base would be suitable, and she chose to use as a base surplus laminate flooring from our refurbished basement. She then asked that I add as design features flat cane I had that was dyed blue since that colour was a good match for the blue in the handles.
As you can see the finished product looks pretty good. I had to do a little problem-solving to attach the thick cane that went through the handles to the base, but it worked out well.
I will take the tray to church on Sunday and surprise her with it.


  1. She will be one happy lady. Beautiful!

  2. lovely! the design compliments the handles very well.