Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage chinaware items added to my etsy shop

Anne gave me reluctant permission to add this selection of vintage chinaware to my Etsy shop.

The golfing beer mug was an easy sell to let me put in the shop.

Strong reluctance came with this Royal Albert cup and saucer in the Country Scenes collection, this one called "Dingle Dell."

There was less reluctance to place these cups and saucers in the shop. They are from Copeland and are called "Spode's Tower."
(An annoying feature of Etsy is the inability on that site to be able to use apostraphes.)

Not shown here are the two 25th wedding anniversary fine china cups and saucers we received nineteen years ago on our 25th wedding anniversary. Not only do they not meet Etsy's definition of vintage (twenty years old or older), but they definately do not meet Anne's criteria for items she is willing to let go.

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