Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wii and exercise and diet

My Wii "Mii" is a short, fat person despite me trying to program it to be tall and svelt.

We were given the Wii Fit interactive program by our eldest son, Julian, some time before the July 24th flood. For a few weeks before that flood, Anne and I, and Julian on occasion, began to use the program as a weight and exercise program. I had the greatest need for it since over the years I have gained weight. I was slowly beginning to lose that weight through using the program. Then came the flood and access to our basement, where the Wii is kept, was cut off. It was only in the New Year that we really had access once more and could begin again.

A double incentive for me to exercise and diet seriously came with the results of my most recent blood tests with the slightly high blood sugar count.

Today I achieved the first step in the weight loss program. Wii would only let me set a weight loss of one pound for two weeks as a goal. Today, a couple of days before that target date, I achieved the goal. Wii allowed me to set another goal for two weeks, of losing one more pound.

Difficulties will come when we leave Julian in charge of the house when we take an almost two week vacation in Arizona at the end of February. We hope that by taking long hikes and maintaining our diets we will come back without any appreciable weight gain.

Perhaps my Wii Mii will become slimmer as the exercise and diet results come in over the next six months or more?

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