Friday, January 8, 2010

Medical updates re Adrian

Yesterday, I went to see my Doctor to renew a prescription. I will return in mid-February for my annual physical examination. As is the norm for my visits, I left carrying prescription renewals as well as a requisition to have the regular blood tests. I will have these tests on Monday so the results are with my Doctor before the physical.

Again, as in my norm, I had a brief discussion with the doctor about Adrian since he is Adrian's physician too. Adrian's blood sugar count is coming down as diet control through his residence works to reduce the effects of his type 2 diabetes. We discussed the incidents of aggression we experienced over the Christmas holidays. While these have reduced in number and severity, we still feel like we are walking on eggs while Adrian is with us.

The doctor felt that our decision not to fly anywhere with Adrian is a wise one. We would not feel safe if an agressive outbust occured in an airport or on a plane, and the impact of such an outburst could be very serious for him. Nor do we know how he would react to a physical patdown.

I discussed the trepedation we feel when we take Adrian for his week's holiday with us each year. We schedule the holiday in a location within one or two days drive of Ottawa. This year it will be in the Poconos. "Does Adrian attack you while you are driving?" asked the doctor. The answer so far is, "No", though when these behaviours first erupted, several years ago on a holiday in England, Adrian did try to grab and bite me while I was driving. He has not tried to do that for a long time now.

We are thinking that if this Poconos location, with waterslides and a golf course, serves us well, we might make it a place we return to year after year. This might reduce the anxiety of change for Adrian since it would become a place of predictability.

On Wednesday night, I took Adrian out for an hour as is my usual practice. He was very happy, smiling and joking. We went for our usual Wednesday night activities: a visit to the local library for his three books, a visit to a store of his choice (Canadian Tire this time. "Just looking at tape measures.") and the regular vist to the Tim Horton's coffee shop, where he chooses what he wants (a cookie, a doughnut or a drink). If all nights and all visits could be as pleasant as that one we would have the old Adrian back.

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  1. Good morning John, just read your last post. I hope for you and your family that everything will go well and your son continues to improve. Our daughter at age 11 was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Shots 2 or 3 times a day during the years. Her mood swings would go up and down just like the rollercoaster ride her blood sugars were on. She is now 33 and is doing well, ups and downs of course but she is handling all quite well.We still can tell when her readings are high or when she is getting low. She is married, has a 3 year old, so she has quite the challenging life.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!
    Your friend, Diane northernfleeceweaver
    northen Mn.