Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Monopoly game and board, probably a First Edition

I added this vintage Monopoly game to the vintage items in my Etsy shop yesterday. The set includes the original box and board and it has all the real estate cards included.

Four of the original tokens are still around: the car, the shoe, the top hat and the thimble. The car has seen better days, having only one wheel remaining. Even one of the original dice is there. It appears to be carved from ivory.

One of the reasons I think it might well be a First Edition Monopoly set is because of the wording that appears on the box, the board and all the separate items of money: "pat app for No 3796-36." It is certainly one of the earliest versions of the game.

The second reason I believe it to be a very early edition and probably a First Edition is that this set is made by Waddingtons of Leeds and London, not Parker Brothers. Later editions, such as our 1961 edition, have the Parker Bros name.

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  1. How cool to see a vintage version of the game. The current one sure hasn't deviated much from the original! :)