Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There's another hole in the road.

A song, popular in England in the 50s or 60s goes: "There's another hole in the road. Well,well, well, I'm blowed. Look, there's another one, same as the other one. There's another hole in the road." (My imperfect memory says it was sung by Lonny Donnegan.)

At 8 00 am the City began to dig yet another hole in the road in front of our house, almost on my across-the-road neighbour's lawn. This time it is to repair a leak in the water supply lines.

The digging machine is blocking my neighbour's driveway. She will not be too pleased.

The work is promised to be completed by 4 00 pm and the water supply will be restored by then. At 10 00 am the water is still on so Julian was able to have a shower on getting home from work. We do have the upstairs bathtub filled with cold water for when the water is cut off.

After this excavation, only one more set is scheduled. That set is to dig down to the foundations in front of our house so as to drill through that wall and then dig a sump pump pit inside the home to aid on flood relief control. This was supposed to have been done early in the fall but it never happened. Perhaps it will happen in the spring?

POST SCRIPT: The digging is on a section of my neighbour's lawn. I just saw the machine uproot and break the Roger's Cable supply to her house. She definately will not be pleased since this is the second time this has happened, and Rogers is not swift in replacing it.

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  1. It was a song by Billy Cotton from the late 1950s, when his weekly radio show, "The Billy Cotton Band Show" was broadcast very Sunday on the BBC Light Progamme

    Terry Carter Loughton, Essex UK