Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just add water: no green thumb required

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I bought the Amaryllis shown here. Its flowers began to open yesterday. It's spectacular. And all I did was to give the pot a quarter turn each day while Anne used the handy moisture meter to regulate when to add water. Its not really a green thumb skill to grow such a beautiful plant.


  1. fertilize it thru out its growing cycle (once the flowers are done), John. Put it outside in the garden over the summer; by August lay the pot on its side or place it somewhere where it will not get any rain....obviously do not water it! When the leaves dry, by frost time, place it in your basement....dry ...until Dec/Jan when you can start the cycle all over again. I have bulbs that have flowered for several years now.
    hugs Karin

  2. Thanks, Karin. I have printed your comments and will try to follow them


  3. They are such beautiful flowers and such fun to watch grow.