Monday, January 4, 2010

Fisher Price: vintage!

Since we arrived in Ottawa, we have had twice-annual "Corner" street parties with our neighbours, one in July and one in January. Neighbours from the corner of Glamorgan and Castlefrank are invited. Yesterday it was out turn to host the party. Twelve "corner" neighbours came for a pot-luck brunch.

The three-year old played a little with the Fisher Price camper van shown here. It was a toy of our children, now all in the 40s. One neighbour suggested we could put these items in my Etsy shop as vintage items. So that was one of today's tasks,

The village has most if not all the accessories. Some of them are shown here including the emergency vehicles.

Other accessories are shown here.

And more accessories are shown with the camper van.

The whole collection is shown here.

We kept the collection for our Grandchildren to play with when they visit. They have outgrown these toys so its now time to part with them. (The toys, not the Grandkids.)

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