Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Salt and pepper shaker baskets

I completed the second basket in which to store my church's supply of salt and pepper shakers today. The bases are made from surplus pieces of laminate from my basement floor. These were cut to size. Then I drilled holes around the circumference of each at one inch intervals. For the mid-point holes on the long sides I drilled larger holes to accommidate the handle cane.

I was a little concerned that all the shakers would not fit into the new baskets since the outside dimensions of the bases were the size of the existing baskets. I had not taken into account the loss of internal space with the weaving of the sides. However, as you can see my fears were unfounded as all the shakers fitted nicely.

The baskets fit nicely on the shelf. Relief!


  1. I like your handle treatment. Did you twist together some round reed?

  2. Yes: around the thicker reed, I wove what my basket books call "Japanese Weave."

  3. creative, functional, repurposed short, wonderful!