Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I can't be that old!

I developed a Facebook Fan page for my business (JohnToftBasketry). For a week or so, I was the only fan. Now there are four in addition to me. Three of the Fans I knew. But a fourth was a puzzle. The Facebook photo showed a lovely young woman in an old fashioned hat, dress, and with a feather boa, posing in front of an upright piano with sheet music on it. Her last name, Reid, struck a cord.

In my first year of teaching in Red Lake in 1972, a young woman in one of my classes was named Maureen Beck. (Maureen will tell you that my class was the only one in her whole high school career that she was asked to leave and wait in the corridor for the teacher, me, to come and speak to her.) Maureen graduated, went on to University, and returned to teach. Somewhere along the way, she married and became Mrs Reid.

Her mother, Lois, was one of the people through the years I would go to church meetings with throughout NW Ontario. Travel to such meetings could be as long as 10 hours in length each way. Could this new Fan be the daughter of Maureen and the Grandaughter of Lois? Was I really that old?

The young lady confirmed that she was indeed Maureen's daughter, and she currently attends the University of Winnipeg. She also mentioned that her Grandmother still has a basket of mine!


  1. Wow.. ho cool to reconnect with people. I am still not on facebook! ;)

  2. Yes Sir, you can be that old!! How about this one. I was your student in the fall of 1975. My youngest just became a father. Making me a grandmother!! Yes dear, your students are now grandparents! hahaha