Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back at home: coughing and hacking

The last two days of our vacation were marred by the return of the cough and colds we thought we had left behind in Ottawa. Thought processes became slower as did the ease of movement.

We left Tucson early on Friday morning, giving our journey to the Phoenix airport an extra half-hour in case of delays. Unfortunately, a bus accident on the I-10 intervened. The detour and traffic tie-ups meant we took an extra 90 minutes to get to Phoenix. While the plane had not taken off, we were not able to board since we could not clear security etc in time.

However, the airline was able to re-schedule our flights at no extra cost. It was well aware of the traffic delays. We arrived in Ottawa just before mid-night, and were at home by 1 00 am.

We really enjoyed the stay in Arizona, except for the last two days, and will return again. But Colorado is in sight for plans as well as Cancun.

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