Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An El Nino year

Today's Ottawa Citizen's City Section trumpets the balmy weather we have had this March Break and most of the winter. Its all to do with El Nino. The photo on the front page says it all. Ice cream!
Double digit temperatures are, apparently, not uncommon in the March Break. But the normal (average) high for March 15th is 3C not 13C, and for the last three months temperatures in Ottawa have been about three degrees warmer than normal for the season.
More of the same is possible for the coming months ... "There's a good chance that the temperatures will be above normal for most of Canada," said Richard Moffet, a meteorologist at Environment Canada. "We are still in an El Nino year..." said Moffet. (El Nino is a warm ocean current that afftects temperatures world-wide.)
The question is, when can I transplant the perennials to the front garden from their overwintering location in the vegetable garden?

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