Monday, March 15, 2010

Impatient for spring!

As the snow melts in this too early spring-like weather, the muddy mess of my ruined front garden appears. Six inches of top soil are placed on top of fill to replace an excellent humus-rich front yard. The thornless honey locust is replanted in this muddy expanse, and may survive.

Over in the front side garden a forlorn pile of crazy paving waits for me to use again for the paths through the front garden. I will need to buy rolls of weed prevention cloth to lay under these. And, at the front of the garden, more breeze blocks to replace those that disappeared with the excavators last fall.

These are the perennials I removed from the front garden last fall. I hope all survive when I transplant them back into that front section. In the rush to get ready for the excavators last fall I forgot that as well as the perennials there were many tulip bulbs in that section. These were lost and will be replaced next fall.

Snow patches still remain as do the piles of bricks I use to edge the pathways. Perhaps by 2012 the front yard will be back looking somewhat like it did in its prime.

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