Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fulton's Pancake House

On Saturday, we had a good day with Adrian. This was the first time we had been with him for about a month. A cough and cold had made us cancel visits earlier. Then we went to Arizona for a holiday, and came back with more of the cough and cold. Today was the first time we could see him once more.

We took the opportunity to go on the monthly half-day trip with him. Every year we go to a local sugar-bush operation. Its a great time to get out in the spring-like weather, and enjoy the outdoors. And its now a tradition Adrian looks forward to each year.

The first photo shows the line-up to get into Fulton's for their delectable pancakes. It was a 20 minute wait but well worth it. Of course, Saturday was the first day of the school March Break so the place was crowded.

After lunch, we went on a 30 minute walk through the sugar bush. Maple trees were still actively producing sap and being tapped. The individual buckets are no longer being used to collect the sap. Plastic tubing runs from tree to tree to collect it instead.

And the prize at the end of the walk was a bottle of this year's Maple Syrup.

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