Monday, March 22, 2010

Slow but steady progress in restoring our front garden.

The steps to restoring our front garden are laborious. Here I replaced the house bricks in front of my stoop with 80lb 2' by2' concrete slabs. I will replace the middle one later since I managed to break it.

The next stage was to restore the paths. The old paths had crazy paving and brick edges at soil height. In the restoration I made the paths a little wider so the lawn-mpver could fit in between the brick edging. This edging is now higher than the crazy paving to give a clearer defination to it.

The patio with the bench meant laying nine more of the 2' by 2' slabs. Following the advice of the Rona personell, I only carried six slabs at a time (480 lbs) in the trunk of my Mazda Protege.

The rocks on the top of the soil here will be sunk into the soil to act as stepping stones to the various sections of the garden.

This to-be-constructed cazy paving path leads from the driveway to the patio. It will be edged with bricks as in the other sections.

Maybe by the end of the week this restoration will be finished, though the freezing rain promised for the next two days might delay things.

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  1. Looks like it is going to look wonderful, I love stone pathways, they always look so inviting, especially once grass and moss grow in between and on them :)