Friday, May 14, 2010

New and old colours for my baskets

Today I used four sets of fabric dyes to enhance my colour selection for more baskets. The BBQ in the foreground was where I placed a stainless steel container filled with hot water. To that I added the dyes, and salt. I actually followed the instructions on the dye packages.

Elephant gray is one of my favourite colours. It always gives me some trepidation since when I remove the cane from the dye it looks the same colour as when it went in. But, as you can see, it dries to that beautiful grey colour.
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My across-the-road neighbour has asked for another custom made basket with green highlights. The only green dye available at the local Fabricland store was this vibrant Emerald Green. I hope it is suitable and matches her kitchen decor. She wants me to make a two loaf basket for bread storage.

Another new dye I chose was Bordeaux Red. Again it is a very striking and vibrant colour. Beneath it is an adventure in colouring. For my neighbour I experimented and added dark brown to the Emerald green to try to create a darker green. Perhaps too much dark brown was added?

One advantage of having a deck that is made out of plasticized wood is the very easy clean-up. A damp mop was all I used to clean up all the spills of red, brown, grey and green. (And I do not have to restain it every year.)

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