Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOW!!! Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat.

We have just returned from one of two performances of "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat" put on by Tamir. This was a full-scale musical featuring an inclusive cast made up of people with developmental disabilities and people without developmental disabilities. The 60 member cast was equally split into these two groups.

In the directing, there were, for example, two Josephs on the stage together. One, Joshua McLaughlin, was a graduate of a college music program while the other, Jason Edward Kershman, a participant in Tamir's Supported Independent Living program. They both shared the limelight and both sang, sometimes together, and at other times, in turns. In another example, Pharoah, was a dual role played by Cantor Daniel Benlolo and 16 year-old Jamie Greenburg, singing his heart out from his wheelchair. In all instances, the shared roles were wonderful.

In an interview on CBC Radio following the show, C0-producer , Maurice Neuman, stated that for this inclusive show there were ten months of rehearsal rather than the normal three.

A documentary about this production was made in those ten months. We cannot wait to see it.

Many years ago we saw Donny Osmond in the role of Joseph. This show was equally as good as that show, and much more rewarding to see.


  1. We at Reena always maintained that individuals with developmental disabilities can learn life skills through literacy classes, computer work, cooking classes and most importantly - breaking down barriers with others in the larger Community. The production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat did just that.

    Tali Nizic
    Chair, Reena
    Reena is a non-profit social service agency dedicated to integrating adults with developmental disabilities into the mainstream of society.

  2. my sister sherry was in the performance they all did an amazing job.