Wednesday, June 9, 2010

After a 5 km run.

This morning's 5km (3 mile) run was one more continuation of my aim to reduce my weight and regain some physical fitness by exercising once a day at least, but preferably twice. I find that running is the most efficient way to lose those extra pounds, but other forms of exercise do help too. In addition to running a minimum of three times a week, I try to walk regularly, bike three times a week, and add in in a game of golf (with no riding cart) once weekly too. On the golf days, I count it as a successful diet and exercise day if I maintain my weight that day. Club house meals are not often planned for the calorie counter.

This morning's 5km run was perhaps five minutes faster than when I started about two months ago. I hope to be able to run a 10km race in the fall and to finish in under 60 minutes. There is a lot of training yet to achieve that goal.

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