Thursday, June 17, 2010

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a popular sale on Etsy and in the real world. This is the first of three Christmas sleighs I will place in my shop to (hopefully) take advantage of that sale.

The poinsettia we were given at Christmastime is still showing its colours and so came in handy as a prop.

Similarly, the few toys we have around for our Grand kids found a use too.

(I was given the base and two other identical ones, plus a pattern to work from. As usual, I adapted the pattern and made it my own.)


  1. oh that is so fun! what size are they? they look like super centerpieces.

  2. The sleigh is mounted on a 6" x 8" base and measures 13" in length from the tip of the skis to the front,is 8" high and 6.5" wide.

    If things work out well today, I will finish two others and post them on my Etsy site later today.