Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Nations Baskets at the Museum of Civilisation, Ottawa

Yesterday, we spent at least two hours studying the wonderful collection of First Nation (indigenous, native, Indian) artifacts located on the first floor of Ottawa's Museum of Civilisation. Anne and I were in the company of her flat-mate from 1965-6 and her husband. They both were fascinated by the history of the First Nations of Canada, and could hardly be torn away from the many well staged artifacts.

Anne's friend, Helen, was fascinated by the bead work. I, of course, could not tear myself away from the baskets, some dating back for centuries. Baskets such as these are an inspiration for my work as well as a source of wonder. I was particularly fascinated by baskets made from cedar roots and bark.

I find that many of the baskets I make echo in some small way the baskets of First Nations people. I too like to embellish some of my work with curls as in the adjacent photo. My weaving is with rattan cane, though, not split ash as in this case.


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