Sunday, June 27, 2010

Split Rock Golf: Unforgiving!

We have returned from our week's vacation with Adrian at the Split Rock Resort and Golf Club at Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. The resort is named for the geological feature of the Split Rock shown here.

When we asked Adrian to name the favourite part of his holiday, he said, "Golfing!." On Monday and Friday he accompanied me as I played 18 holes of golf on a very unforgiving course. He really enjoys riding a cart with me. The course at Split Rock is very well maintained as far as to the edges of the fairway. Then its so unforgiving. I am used to being able to find my golf ball 50% of the time when I hit it into the bush. Not so at Split Rock. The undergrowth was so dense and so thick with brambles, ferns and low-lying shrubs that you could not spot the ball nor dare advance into the bush to retrieve it. By Adrian's count, I lost 10 (ten ) balls in the first round. But the views and the GPS system on the carts were sufficient to bring us back a second time. And I lost fewer balls on the Friday!

Anne, Adrian and I pose before a trolley on another outing we made during our stay in the Appalachians. We enjoyed our week's stay just a one day's drive from Ottawa (600 km or around 375 miles) and would like to return to the area again with Adrian next year.

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