Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Large sewing basket with Tamarack bark

Today's project was to complete this large sewing basket after sanding and adding beeswax to the base and lid yesterday. Anne suggested how I would find the center of the lid so I could drill a hole for the bolt to secure the ceramic knob there. "Outline the size of the lid on newspaper, cut out the circle, fold over itself twice and where the folds meet is the center." It worked.

The pattern for the basket focused on the three bands of Tamarack bark. The upper and lower bands have the outer bark facing out while the middle band has that outer bark facing in. It makes for a striking contrast. Other textural elements were added by using bands of flat cane to separate the Tamarack bands, and weaving bands of three-rod waling of round cane for other design elements.

The interior of the basket shows the reverse coloring of the inner and outer Tamarack bark bands.

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