Monday, July 26, 2010

In Limbo

Our topic of conversation during our morning's two mile walk was getting back to normal living soon. Its been one month since my June 27th heart attack, and its Thursday of this week that I go back to the Heart Institute for another angioplasty and the installation of more stents. Then I can really begin my supervised rehabilitation program and get back to normal.

My patience, that has been tested, will be rewarded just as my impatience for the ripening of the tomatoes is slowly being rewarded. In a couple of weeks I should be able to begin to harvest the tomatoes and take the surplus to the local Food Bank.

New blooms keep appearing in the gardens as shown here by what we call a purple variety of a Red Hot Poker. We are renowned for our ability to buy and successfully grow all kinds of perennials. We are less renowned for our ability to remember the names of such plants.

Here two grapevines have completely covered an arch. Late in the fall I will cut down all these vines, remove the loose outer bark and store many of the vines for my basket-making.

Another section of our garden is a riot of colors and textures. The gardens flourish. Anne has done almost all the upkeep of the gardens in the last month. Its been one activity to occupy her mind in this time of stress.

We are planning to take a vacation together in September as my recuperation brings me strength. Tentatively that vacation is planned to center around the Rocky Mountaineer.

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