Friday, July 23, 2010

Our garden was shown on local CBC News

This afternoon, we noticed a CBC TV reporter and camera just across the road from our home. They appeared to be packing up the camera, and off they went. What had they been doing in our neighborhood?

I watched 90 minutes of the local CBC Ottawa News to find out. There was nothing in the 5 00 pm segment and nothing in the 5 30 segment, but at about 6 25 a news item came on interviewing people in our suburb about the aftermath of the 3rd flood in 20 years that hit the area just one year ago.

The final segment of film had the interviewer, Cory O'Kelly, standing in front of out restored garden and signing off. (There was no mention that this section of garden was replaced when the massive excavations to replace our sewer lines took place.)

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