Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's basket

I know a few days ago I anticipated that I would slow down in my blogging, but not being able to do regular activities is so boring that blogging is a substitute for those things I do so enjoy doing. Like driving, gardening, going out. I am not allowed to go visiting for three weeks, and that includes going to church.

Anne went this morning and left me alone for the first time since my heart attack. We had our neighbours on speed dial and stand-by just in case, but the day has gone well.

I have found time and energy to create this sculptural waste-paper basket today. I also photographed it for my Etsy site, and added it to that site.

This morning, while it was cool, Anne and I went for a walk that yesterday took 25 minutes. Today it took 22 minutes. My fitness is really improving. This walk was a far cry from the 10 minute old-man's gait of Tuesday!

We would really like to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather too. However, I find the 33C temperatures too much for me even just sitting. So its stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning!


  1. Glad you're feeling a bit better! I know how tough it can be to be isolated after an illness - when my fibromyalgia gets bad, there are weeks (sometimes months) when I am too sick to leave the house. It drives me nuts! I want to get out and about! I am glad that you can blog though, to take your mind off things, and wow! what a beautiful basket! I hope it sells right away :)

  2. Pretty basket. I'm so glad you're posting about your recovery and that all seems to be going well for you.
    Take it slow and steady!