Monday, August 2, 2010

The joys of gardening

Today, Anne and I were able to spend perhaps an hour in the gardens. Anne is keeping up with the never-ending weeding and dead-heading.

There is evidence that other animals love our garden too. The hole here is too small for the huge Ground Hog or Gopher that waddled by earlier in the day, sampling some tasty leaves as it passed.

Anne's trail of weeded materials is easy to follow.

My self-appointed task was to harvest the first ripened tomatoes and cucumbers ready to take to the Kanata Food Cupboard on Wednesday morning, the local food bank.

There will be lots more of the same before the season ends.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Nice pics :) I am happy to see your gardening adventures. How nice that you donate some of your garden goodies to the local food bank. That's very generous of you.

    I was an unwilling donor of a giant tomato yesterday. Some happy critter came and ate the whole thing up, leaving nothing but tomato skin scraps! The rascal!