Friday, September 3, 2010

The garden and musings

This morning, as I took these images of flowers in our garden, I thought about the names of specialists I have met in Ottawa where their specialty seemed to match their names. The name of the specialist who diagnosed the problems with my esophagus was the late Dr. Chew. Today's invitation to attend the Heart Clinic's rehabilitation sessions came from Dr. Pipe. One program he leads that I do not need to attend is concerned with smoking cessation.

Last, but not least, was my urologist, Dr. Power. In my imagination, if not in practice, he used a power drill to ream out my prostate gland that was strangling my urinary tract.

Tomorrow morning, the 4km walk of the "Walking for fitness" group I belong is scheduled to walk right past my garden. I will enjoy pointing out the flowers and willows there as well as my "John Toft Basketry Studio" sign.

Enjoy the flowers as I hope my fellow-walkers will tomorrow.

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