Thursday, September 2, 2010

GPS and GyPSy

One of my Facebook friends has mused about driving in the city with the help or hindrance of her GPS unit. My experience has been mixed with our dear friend, GyPSy. Gypsy, our friendly GPS unit, has been very helpful as we traveled in Canada and the USA. But in Ottawa, she gets to be a little aggravating. I do like to use different routes to get close to our destinations, and use Gypsy as we get close. Her constant "recalculating" gets annoying at times.

Our unit is now perhaps three years old, and lacks up-to-date data. Even local roads, recently constructed, are missing. While it is amusing to seem to be driving through open fields, that nagging voice keeps coming: "recalculating."

We have also found that Gypsy is not infallible. I have been unable to find several countryside golf courses and have had to rely on Mapquest instead. And we have also found that some locations are incorrectly entered into the system. Our Pennsylvania holiday destination according to Gypsy, was a real estate company, not the resort some three or more miles further on. And a recent attempt to find a golf course using the system resulted in us getting deeper and deeper into the bush on a rutted, one vehicle wide cart track instead of finding the course just off the highway.

Except for these occasional glitches, Gypsy has proved to be an almost reliable friend. And Anne does not have to navigate any more.

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