Friday, October 22, 2010

Suggestions wanted as to which colour to use on the new rib basket.

I am now close to the point at which I must use another colour on the rib basket I am making. I am attempting to use up the ends of skeins of previously dyed cane, and will not have enough of the walnut dyed 1/4" cane to finish the basket. So, which would you suggest I use to finish it? The red here is a little wider at 3/8" and would be a nice contrast.

This 1/2" undyed would be more subtle.

The similarly sized grey-blue would also work in a subdued manner.

While the vibrant emerald green would add distinction to the basket.

This is the basket at its current status. I have added another seven ribs to each segment. There are now two dozen ribs in all. The basket-makers adage says you can never have too many ribs!

So, what do you blog followers suggest as the best colour to use to finish this basket?

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  1. I've always liked the baskets you make with the bluey grey colour. I think those sell well for you too? My initial reaction was green, but I noticed that you already have a green/melon version in your store.

    What about bluey grey and green? :P