Friday, October 22, 2010

Beginning to weave a rib basket

Since the weather lately has not been conducive to sitting outside and stripping the loose bark from the cut grapevine vines, I chose two of the grapevine hoops I had to serve as the frame of a new rib basket. These hoops were approximately the same size in circumference, a similar colour, and similar in thickness. One hoop was placed inside the other at a 90 degree angle. The two hoops were then joined together by weaving "Gods Eyes" where the hoops intersected.

The Gods Eyes provided an anchoring place into which to insert the white willow ribs. (White willow is willow harvested in the spring after the first flush of leaves occurs. At that time it is easy the strip the bark from the willow whips and reveal the white flesh beneath.) I placed five ribs in each of the two segments of the base. These were then secured into place by continuing weaving with the rattan cane from the Gods Eyes.

For the Gods Eyes and the initial weaving of the basket I am using 1/4" rattan cane dyed with homemade natural walnut dye. Later I will use wider rattan cane and add more ribs to the basket. I will decide on the colour of this wider cane when I reach that stage.

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