Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter woes miss Ottawa again.

Ottawa is cold but bright and sunny again as the winter snows bypass us once more. From the internet we learn that my golf buddies in Myrtle Beach in the Carolinas have had snow. They thought as snow birds they could get away from it all!

Relatives in England are being hit by continued cold and more snow. Travelling in many parts of Europe is shut down once more. And Anne's relatives in Maryland are facing huge quantities of snow.

Friends in Red Lake huddle in the cold and deep snow, while other friends in Nova Scotia wonder where the next hit is coming from, not when. And even just 200 kms away from here in Montreal, snow keeps coming.

The next chance for snow in Ottawa is said to be Friday, but that was listed as only a 60% chance. We are feeling a little guilty about our good winter so far, but not too guilty.

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