Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time for re-evaluation

As the New Year approaches, its time for re-evaluation. Two things are on my mind: the slow steps back to good health, and how to spend time with Adrian. Both are, of course, inter-connected.

Yesterday, Anne and I picked up our new running jackets from the Bank Street Running Room. These jackets are part of the deal for entering the New Years Eve Resolution Run. However, we have decided not to take part in the run despite the training I have done for it. While I had managed in training to run 10 km, the last two or so weeks have seen no training runs at all. Instead, I have been trying to rid myself of a low grade fever and variuos aches and pains in my legs. Anne too has been having some pain in her thighs as she walks. It seems to be reasonable to save running 10km to the National Capital Race Weekend in May.

Adrian spent three nights and four days with us over Christmas. It was four days of anxiety and stress for us. There were several incidents of foot stomping. Even though these ended quickly, the stress levels soared. And, as Anne gave him his evening meds one night, he dropped them, got agitated and lunged at her in an attempt to bite. While he was not successful in that attempt, it was another added stress.

We are not getting any younger. Adrian is over 200 lbs in weight and around six feet tall. We worry about the emotional and physical stress we have when he is with us. What are we to do about this stress especially when our traditional June holiday with him is on his mind? We remember that horrible holiday we had a few years ago with him in England when these aggressive behaviors were at their worst. If those were to re-occur, we would not be able to control him.

Currently we are investigating the possibility of him securing a place in a residential camp as an alternative to his week with us. He enjoys the camp he goes to, and a second week there or elsewhere would relieve our stresses.

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