Friday, January 14, 2011

The choir party: good food and good company

Last night we entertained the choir members from Glen Cairn United Church's Senior Choir to a pot luck supper. Lots of good food and good company. The choir filled our basement studio. Many compliments were made about the decor and the massed baskets there.

Upstairs there were just as many choir members, eating, chatting, eating some more and just enjoying the company of friends.

Later, the choir gave our choir directors (Lori on the left and Bev on the right) gifts to show our appreciation of their efforts with us. Our Minister insists this choir is the best church choir he has experienced in his many years of Ministry.

We ended the evening by practicing the hymns and anthem for Sunday as well as the intoxicating tango rhythm of the Song of Solomon anthem, Rise Up My Love, scheduled for the 23rd.

Note: The word of the Day was "Numinous"; "filled with a sense of the presence of the divinity."
"As she listened to the church choir sing, Beth was overcome by a sense of numinous awe." We can only aspire to sing in such a manner.

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