Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Hearth Basket

A year or two ago I purchased eight or so 12" by 14" "D" frames with the plan to teach several students how to make Hearth Baskets. Not enough people signed up for the class so the frames languished in my storage room. The Hearth Basket to suit such a frame measures 13" in width, 23" in length, and is 14" high. As such the mailing costs would be astronomical if I were to add such baskets to my etsy shop.

Now that I am planning to apply for large-scale craft shows, the time has come to make several hearth baskets as potential items to sell at such shows.

The example here is made from 5/8" flat rattan cane in the only colours I had available in sufficient quantities. Anne is not too flattering about the appearance of the finished product. A Christmas item?

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