Saturday, February 5, 2011

A week in Florida

We have just returned from a week in the Florida Panhandle. During the week, it was cool by Floridian standards, but nice and mild to Ottawans. We enjoyed the weather, the sun and the breezes and the flora and fauna.

I managed to fit in two rounds of golf, one with an hour's lesson too, the first real golf lesson in my life. The courses were in good shape though the fairways were brown as this in the height of the dry season.

Since we had spent time before the trip looking at the current weather in the Panama City area, we dressed for the high 40s and low 50s we experienced. (Those are degrees F not C.) Three or more layers beneath the Mountain Equipment Co-op jacket kept us warm!

This is NOT snow. It is the beautiful white sand of the Emerald Coast.

Our beach combing did have its rewards,

Visits to State Parks and stately houses were also part of the itinerary.

It was a good week to not be in Ottawa where a major snowstorm did arrive while we were absent.

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