Thursday, January 6, 2011

A productive morning

Thursday mornings tend to be very productive. Anne and I go to our second session of the week of "Seniors' Lengths" at the local swimming pool to begin that productive time. We then go for a coffee and tea at a local Tim Horton's before I drop her off so she can take part in her Yoga class. Our neighbour brings her home from the class, so I am free to return to a quiet house to do what I will.

As is usual, I prepare the Thursday lunch in this time to myself.

One common lunch I prepare is fish, chips and peas. While I really enjoy that meal, Anne usually has some comments about its lack of originality. Today, I thought I would be a bit more creative. I made a huge salad instead of the peas and chips with the ingredients shown. The lettuce was shredded a little and placed in large bowls. I then cubed two or three ounces of cheese, and sprinkled the lettuce with grated Parmesan cheese. I boiled toe eggs for 15 minutes, cooled them off, shelled them and then cubed them too. I cubed the tomato and added pickled onions. All these were then added to the lettuce, mixed in to create a hearty salad.

The fish, Talapia, I placed in a Pyrex dish, sprinkled with lots of pepper and malt vinegar, and then micro-waved for six minutes. This was then hot and ready as we finished the salad. Sliced home-made bread accompanied the fish. All in all, it was a meal that Anne endorsed.

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