Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Sales

For the month of January, I have placed on sale my supply items for milliners, jewelery makers, and scarf makers. These items are on sale at 25% off as an introductory offer to this new line of basketry items. The millinery items are hat stands in the form of free standing wicker heads. These range in size from a new-born child' hat size to an adult's hat size.

The jewelery stands, or scarf stands, are in the form of free standing torsos. These are also on sale for this introductory month.

In readiness for Valentine's Day, I have also placed sewing baskets, such as the one on sale here, also at 25% off as Valentine special sale items. My specialty baskets are also on sale as Valentine Day specials.

The Valentine's Day will be extended to February 7th. The Milliner's Sale will end on January 30th.

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