Thursday, March 17, 2011

A custom order stair basket

 A friend asked me to make her two stair baskets. Here are the results of my first endeavor to make one of the baskets. Blogger has had some "improvements" made to its formatting, so the order of the images is somewhat in disarray. The image above shows the basket at the stage where I began weaving the second level of the basket.
 This is the basket in readiness for weaving that second level.
 This image shows the basket with the first stage being partly finished.
 Here the thick cane for the handles is being bent to shape after soaking.
 Flat cane, imported from China, is the material I use. The bulk of the basket is made from 1" flat cane. The fillers for the bases are made from 1/2" flat cane, while the lashing for the rim uses 1/4" f;at cane. Flat cane is purchased in 1 lb skeins.

The finished product. Th basket is 20" (51 cm) long, 11" (30 cm) wide, and 22" (56 cm) to the top of its handle. As such it would be very expensive to ship in a 22" by 24" by 12" box. It is not an item I would add to my on-line Etsy store because of the very high shipping costs.

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