Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our roof is re-shingled today

 At 7 00 am Firon Roofing pulled up to start removing the shingles from our roof, and to install new shingles. A crew of five got to work right away.
 A few minutes later this truck pulled up with the new shingles and the new vents.
 Meanwhile, the stripping of the old shingles continued apace.
 The crane operator set up his equipment.
 The shingles were then lifted to the roof, a much better way of doing things than carrying each bundle up on shoulders via a ladder.
 The satellite TV dish was removed and lowered to the ground.
 The waste material was collected in the trailer parked in our driveway.
By 1 00 pm the job was completed, the satellite dish restored, and TV reception was back. The roof looks so much better and the new vents look smart. And all this was done while I was golfing in strong winds and a high of perhaps 5C.


  1. Everything seems to be looking good for your house. Now that your satellite dish is restored, you can get the right amount of TV time you've lost when the reception was bad.

  2. There are numerous tools and equipment used in a construction site. A crane is an option when moving weighty and bulky things, while manual hoists are usually preferred for minor repair works and light to medium lifting. But what’s important when repairing roofs is safety within the vicinity and preparing all the materials needed in advance. Delays usually cost extra expenditures on the construction. I hope your roofers stayed on schedule in fixing your roof!

    Willie Norman

  3. They were already done by 1? That’s quite fast. It only took them 6 hours, more or less. When our roof was re-shingled, it took them a day and a half! But to give credit to our contractors, they had to do minor repairs on our roof first, before they could lay down the new shingles. What about your sidings? New shingles and new sidings usually go hand in hand to ensure your home is 100% protected from different weather conditions. :)

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