Saturday, April 16, 2011


 This week was the week I began regular cross-training with two objectives: to lose weight and to become fitter. After a long winter of on and off efforts at exercise, I at last began to feel well enough to make a serious effort to get back on track. Through the winter we did manage to go to the local pool twice weekly most weeks, but regular walking and jogging just did not happen enough. As a result the regular weight loss I had achieved before June's heart attack stalled. My weight plateaued.
In the photographs I am wearing the brightly coloured running jacket that was part of the deal for entering a New Yea's Eve 10 km run. As was typical of the winter training, I was not able to put in enough longer runs to actually compete in that run.I hope to change that situation now somewhat warmer weather is here.

So, this week I started by running 6 km with the Running Room strategy of running for ten minutes, walking for one and repeating (tens and ones). On Tuesday we swam lengths (28 for me) and then bicycled to Stittsville, a 10 km return journey. Wednesday saw a repeat of a 6k tens and ones run with a better time. Thursday was 18 holes of golf, which even with a cart was exercise. Friday was a rest day. Today I completed the week's exercise with a shorter run of 4 km, again with tens and ones. (Sunday is another rest day with a walk to and from church, and the afternoon spent with Adrian.) Add in several hours spent raking and working in the garden and I have a good cross-training week completed.

If I am able to continue a regular cross-training program, I should be able to lose one or two pounds a week and shed the extra 25 I do not need. I did lose 25 in a similar period last year, and have kept almost all of that off despite the lack of exercise.

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