Sunday, May 22, 2011

The gardens in May

 Now the late spring is at an end, the flower and vegetable gardens are a riot of colour. Many varieties of tulips are in full bloom, with varying colours and shapes.
 More tulips add distinction to the front garden.
 While varieties of ground cover bring other masses of colour and structure to the mix.
 The surviving crab apple is a showy burst of brilliance at the corner of the driveway.
 This section of my vegetable garden hosts tomato and green pepper plants as well as rows of beets, carrots, beans and cucumber seeds. By the fall I expect a bountiful harvest to share with the local food bank.
 The apple tree in my back garden is in full bloom, a joy to behold.
 The rhubarb is almost ready to be picked. The taste of a freshly baked rhubarb pie makes me salivate in anticipation.
Similarly, the blossom-laden black currant bushes promise a healthy harvest for jams and pies in later months.

The garden in May promises much!

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