Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The joys of a consignment store in Williamsburg, Virginia,

 On the last day of our vacation in Willamsburg, Virginia, Anne insisted that we visit a consignment store there. So off we went. The temperature was approaching 100 F, so instead of me taking my usual practice of sitting out side and waiting for Anne, I went inside the ladies clothing store with her to enjoy its air conditioned comfort.
 I sat down by the water cooler, and enjoyed the cool air and the cold water provided there. Anne selected perhaps six to eight items while I waited.
 I soon was bored waiting, so I too wandered around looking at what was on offer. To my surprise there were a number of ladies' hats on display too. How well would one of these be suitable to highlight the mannequin heads I have for sale?
I selected this particular hat, a bargain for around $16.00 and purchased it along with Anne's selections. It should help "Red Hat Society" ladies see how well my mannequin heads show off their hats.

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